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What Is Suitable For Keeping Garden Grass In The Room
- Jul 13, 2017 -

After the completion of the new home decoration, many families will choose a few kinds of green plants at home, which involves the room suitable for raising what the problem of Garden Grass. What is suitable for keeping Garden Grass? Xiaobian today for you to recommend several common indoor potted plants. Take a look at what the room is suitable for raising Garden Grass.

Home decoration, there are many potted plants, if Xiaobian said that the specific potted plants which, Xiao Bian can only say too much, and said clearly. However, most of the potted plants have the role of air purification, decorative environment, there are some plants also related to the problem of feng shui, such as the rich tree placed.

Potted plants can be classified as: potted plants and ornamental potted plants.

Functional potted plants have the potential to absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances, the role of air purification, aloe, turtle bamboo, Chlorophytum and other potted plants belong to this category, they are harmful substances in the air absorption effect is very good, just renovated house is suitable for species Such potted plants.

Potted plants

Ornamental potted plants to more meat plants, they have a beautiful appearance, for the decorative home effect is very good, although there is a certain role in the purification of air, but the effect is not as good as functional potted plants.

Common indoor potted plants

Potted plants which, Xiao Bian not listed one by one. However, Xiao Bian summed up a few common indoor potted plants, hope that you after the indoor potted plants on the choice of some help.

Common indoor potted plants aloe vera (right) green radish (left)

We all know that aloe vera has the effect of beauty, the market a lot of beauty products are made of aloe. Potted aloe vera both beautiful and can purify the air, farming is also simple. And evergreen aloe vera has a certain absorption of the role of odor, on the indoor effect is good.

Garden Grass Newly decorated houses, planting a pot of green radish, not only can play a decorative role, but also can purify the air of benzene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so green radish can be a well-deserved one of the common indoor potted plants.

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