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What Are The Landscaping Turf Planting Methods?
- Jul 04, 2017 -

1, the current domestic and foreign Landscaping Turf cultivation of the main ways: seed breeding method Seed breeding method is currently the most widely used Landscaping Turf cultivation at home and abroad, the most commonly used lawn cultivation methods, but also sprayed lawn in the least cost of a method. Its main feature is the planting process is simple, longer than the nutrient propagation material storage time. If the seeds remain dry and not overheated in the environment, generally can be kept for 5 years.

2, spray the Landscaping Turf method is: first to build a flat to build, and then in accordance with the requirements of weighing the weight of the required seed. In order to ensure that the seeds can be sown evenly, the plan can be divided into several equal pieces or stripes, and then the seeds are divided into the same number, according to the block sprayed lawn. Nutrition breeding law According to incomplete statistics, recently about 60% of China's lawn can be used to expand its planting area of nutrition breeding. Commonly used methods are:

(1) laying the grass method: This method is the highest cost of Landscaping Turf cultivation method, but unlike the sowing method by the time limit, it can be in any valid time of year, to provide "quick" lawn, Law to protect a year before the formation of a similar density of the lawn. This method must first in the appropriate place for turf production, until the turf grow to a certain extent, the turf removed, paved to the bed has been prepared in advance. This planting method is particularly effective in slope lawn planting.

(2) plug method: plug plant is first in the grass area to obtain small columnar turf, after transplantation in the required area of a planting method, used to repair the damaged lawn.

(3) stolon planting method Stolons planted with dry warm season turfgrass, such as fake grass, bermudagrass.

3, planting veins development background Planting method is a new lawn cultivation methods, including the Landscaping Turf with a simple planting, into a fast, low cost characteristics. At present, the lawn planting belt has been widely used at home and abroad. The planted belt (sometimes referred to as the seed band) is the grass species at a certain density required to spread evenly on a certain width of the substrate (such as non-woven fabrics, gauze or paper), sow seeds and then through the adhesive or acupuncture compound A layer of non-woven molding.

Landscaping Turf varieties are:

Poa curcas (Poapratensis) Gramineae, Poa pratensis, perennial, cold season. Europe and the United States planted. Cool and cold, very cold. Slightly less drought and heat. Weak alkaline soil grows well. More resistant to trampling.

Poa sylvestris (Poanemoralis) Gramineae, Poa pratensis, perennial, cold season. Suitable humidity, Yang and half of the yin. More shade. Slightly less drought and heat. Easy to be weed invasion.

Poa virginiana (Poacompressa) Gramineae, Poa pratensis, perennial, cold season. Leaves light blue or blue-gray. Cool and cool temperate climate, Yang and half of the yin. Resistant to moisture and water. Resistant to drought, can protect the soil slope. Not hot. The medium is the longest green period.

Poaangustifo Gramineae, Poa pratensis, perennial, cold season. The leaves of the genus are the finest. Cool and cold, very cold. Slightly less drought and heat. Intolerant trampling. Shade like shrubs. Easy to degenerate, to be carefully maintained.

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