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What Are The Common Types Of Landscaping Turf?
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Commonly used Landscaping Turf by region and climate to distinguish, divided into warm and cold season two categories.

Warm season Landscaping Turf are divided into:

Cynodon - delicate texture, dark green leaves, with significantly enhanced cold resistance and tenacious vitality, spring back to early youth, fall anti-sleep, green long

Cynodon - rapid emergence, into the Ping quickly, has a high resistance to disease, with a strong drought, salt and other stress resistance, water saving, green extension.

Baixi grass ---- wide adaptability to the soil selectivity, strong tillering, underground sturdy roots developed, strong resistance, resistance to pruning, resistance to trampling, shade, anti-cream.

Horseshoe gold ---- plant low, dense, holding a long green period, strong encroachment, heat, sunshade, strong adaptability.

Cold season Landscaping Turf are divided into:

Poa pratensis leaves dark green, drought, cold, resistant to barren, resistant to extensive management, rhizome developed, into a flat fast, good viewing effect, resistance to trampling resistant pruning.

Tall fescue ---- leaves fine, into the Ping fast, slow growth, low resistance to pruning, resistance to trampling, drought, resistance to barren soil, heat, leaf disease strong.

Tall fescue ---- lawn coverage, high density, root system developed, high humidity resistance, drought, wear resistance.

Perennial ryegrass ---- Chengping fast, more seaweed strong, heat, frost resistance, wide adaptability, high disease resistance, how long the common herbivorous insects have obvious resistance.

Purple fescue ---- leaf slender, lawn dense, low, into a faster, green period is long, resistant to tonic trampling, with a strong drought resistance, low pruning.

Cut hair Ying ---- low growth dense, cold heat, more prominent summer, spring back to green early, strong resistance to disease.

Landscaping Turf cultivation method

Finishing the land, remove the stones, lime and other garbage and leveling

1 land consolidation first to measure the area, calculate the amount of species, and then to remove the debris, stones, plant litter and building materials, etc., completely remove perennial weeds. Planting Landscaping Turf should not choose areas with a slope greater than 30 degrees or low-lying areas, flowing areas. The lawns need to be an o-200 mm surface soil, where the soil is in poor condition to add surface soil. Should be based on soil conditions to join the organic fertilizer and the amount of fertilizer, fertilizer application should be appropriate, sprinkle to be uniform.

2 cultivated land and fine plowing plots, mixed even surface soil and additives. The depth of the tillage is 150 to 200 mm, and the soil is plowed in different directions so that the soil is well mixed. Before sowing need to be fine, the stones and debris clean up, so that the land level, smooth.

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