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Villa Garden Landscape Design Is Not Desirable Less Garden Grass Plant Configuration
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Villa Garden Landscape Design The most common type of landscaping to configure the garden grass lawn, flowers and ornamental trees as the main body, and equipped with other landscaping landscape design facilities. Villa garden design can be set independently, but also attached to other types of parks or buildings. It can improve and beautify the environment, meet the views of flowers, rest and outdoor activities and other requirements. Area size informal, more to small and fine to win.

Villa Garden landscape design of the layout of the form of regular, natural and mixed three. The selection of plant species varies by region and national tradition. Garden green garden grass landscape design style varied, some distinguished, some simple. The garden is full of rustic scenery is very simple, but full of vitality, looks casual and comfortable, able to heal anxiety and impetuous emotions. Flowers are not the pursuit of strict levels, distinct colors, but rather the background against each other is not deliberately overlapping scenery.

In particular, we should pay attention to the ornamental garden grass configuration, usually follow the following three principles:

Must first meet the local conditions, conform to the principles of nature, and take into account the long-term effect. The garden should be available for perennial flowers, bulb flowers and one or two years of flower growth space, but the proportion of one or two years of flowers should not be too large. In the choice of trees, shrubs, the size and number of plants should be adapted to the space of the garden. Such as less than 1000 square meters in the small garden planted in the future into a 30-meter-high and 40-meter-wide jungle will appear to be congested, and planted a few or a few ornamental cherry or peach is pleasing to the eye.

Second, take into account the plant's color and the combination of the form of beauty. Garden landscape often use flower beds, flower beds, flowers and flowers to focus on the performance of ornamental plants rich and colorful, as well as plant gestures and foliage contrast to reconcile.

The third should also consider the landscaping landscape design is completed after the management. In addition, the use of other garden materials, such as garden kiosks, garden, flower racks, rocks, fountains, pools and sculptures and other small garden composition, can increase the artistic charm of the garden, and strive to achieve " Year without looking at flowers ".

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