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The Requirements Of Landscaping Grass
- May 27, 2017 -

First of all, according to plant ecological habits and garden layout requirements, the rational allocation of various plants in the garden (trees, shrubs, flowers, turf and ground cover plants, etc.) to play their garden function and ornamental characteristics. Landscaping Grass configuration is an important part of Landscaping Grass planning and design.

The configuration of the Landscaping Grass includes two aspects: one is the configuration of various plants, considering the choice of plant species, the combination of trees, the composition of plane and facade, color, season and garden mood; on the other hand Is the Landscaping Grass and other garden elements such as rocks, water, construction, garden road and other configurations between each other.

Seasonal phase

The appearance of plants in different seasons. Plants in the growth process throughout the year, leaves, flowers, fruit shape and color changes with the seasons. Flowering, the results or leaf color change, with a high ornamental value. Landscaping grass configuration to make full use of plant seasonal characteristics.

In different climates, the seasonal appearance of the plant is different. Beijing's spring season compared to Hangzhou late, and autumn season compared to Hangzhou appeared early Even in the same area, the normal weather or not, often affect the seasonal appearance of time and color. Low temperature and drought will delay the bud and flowering; leaves generally need to change the temperature difference between day and night, if the frost appeared too early, then the leaves did not turn red and drop, can not produce beautiful autumn. Soil, conservation management and other factors also affect the seasonal changes, so seasonal changes can be manually controlled. In order to show the needs of the potted plants can even use special treatment to delay the flowering or flowering plants at different flowering at the same time.

Landscaping grass configuration with a high ornamental value and distinctive characteristics of the plant season, can give people the inspiration of the season, enhance the seasonal sense, showing the Landscaping Grass plants unique artistic effect. Such as the spring mountain flowers rotten, summer lotus Ying day, autumn fruit garden, winter lime fragrance and so on. Requires the garden with four seasons scenery is a region or a park in terms of the total landscape; in the local area often highlights the characteristics of a quarter or two quarters to a single species or several plants into a group of plants for the way. Such as Hangzhou Su Di's peach, Liu is the spring scene, the wind is the summer wind, Manchu Long Guihua is autumn, Gushan riding snow tours Mei is winter. In order to avoid the seasonal phase of the phenomenon of partial dry, you can use different flowering trees mixed configuration, increase the evergreen trees and herbal flowers and other methods to extend the viewing period. Such as Wuxi Meiyuan mixed in the plum blossom osmanthus, spring view of the plum, autumn tours Gui, winter can also see the evergreen leaves. Hangzhou Huagang Guan Yu in the Peony Garden to Peony, configuration red maple, boxwood, lagerstroemia, pine, peony flowers still maintain a good landscape after the effect.


With perennial dwarf herbs planted closely, and by artificial pruning into a flat artificial grass called lawn, without the pruning of the long grass area called grassland. Herbs used in urban and garden grass are mainly Zoysia grass, bison grass, Cynodon dactylon, carpet grass, blunt leaf grass, Eremochloa ophiuroides, ryegrass, Poa pratensis,

Lawn is generally set in front of the house, around the large building, square or forest space for viewing, recreation or as a sports venue. Western ancient gardens have regular grassland. The mid-18th century, the British natural landscape garden appeared, the garden began to use a large area of natural lawn. Ancient Chinese garden, with a large number of sparse grassland, modern garden have lawn.

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