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The Main Application Of Perennial Flowers In Landscaping Grass
- Jul 04, 2017 -

"suitable for the tree" is the principle of Landscaping Grass, perennial flowers should also follow the "appropriate fit" principle. Different types of green space, because of its nature and function are different, the requirements of the perennial flowers are also different. Therefore, according to the root of the ecological habits of rational allocation, in order to show the best landscape effect.

1, flower beds

Landscaping Grass flower beds are generally located in the square and the road on the central, both sides and around, etc., require frequent color and neatly decorated corridor. Perennial bulb flowers are Shenghua flower beds of fine materials, colorful, blooming and tidy. Shenghua flower beds can be used more raw materials such as chrysanthemum, almonds, black chrysanthemum, falling rosé, golden chrysanthemum, Campanula, etc .; some small chrysanthemum species, amaranth leaves leaflets, leaflets black, Sedum white Grass and other perennial flowers, to simulate the way the performance of exquisite patterns.

2, flower environment

Landscaping Grass of the various flower arrangement of flowers should be a natural patchy mixed, but also take into account the same season in each other's color, posture and the number of reconciliation and contrast. The design of the flower area should be clever use of color to create space or landscape effect. Perennial flowers are colorful plants, coupled with the appropriate selection of perennial flowers, the color is more abundant, you can better play the characteristics of the flower. For example, the plant community with the advantage of cold color is placed on the rear of the flower, and the feeling of increasing the width of the flower in the visual area is increased, and the feeling is widened with the cold color in the narrow environment. In the quiet lounge area set flower, suitable for more use of cold color flowers, if the warm atmosphere to increase the color, you can use the warm colors of flowers. Flower commonly used perennial flowers are: iris, peony, Hemerocallis, Hosta, Aquilegia, peony and so on.

3, rock park

Some of the low, drought-resistant, heat-resistant and cold-tolerant species such as alpine carnation, summer grouper, yarrow, gentian, Sedum, Viola, Rosaceae, tiger Denim and other dwarf species, can be used as a rock garden material.

4, lawn

Some of the types of flowers, such as Hemerocallis, Iris, Torch, etc., can be mixed with turfgrass, used as a lawn around the lawn, according to the flowering period in the lawn in the embellishment of root flowers and so on.

5, ground to be

Landscaping Grass iris, golden chrysanthemum class, purse peony class, jade hairpin class, Hemerocallis class, Sedum class and other perennial flowers, can be used as ground cover, covering the role of bare ground, some of which can reproduce, Such as chrysanthemum chrysanthemum class, often as a piece of longevity.

6, water green

Aquatic Iris swallows, Iris, Xichun, Arundoceae of Arbutora, Taiwan Arundo, Aphonidae, can be planted by water to enrich the changes in water features.

7, the basis of Landscaping Grass

Planting perennial flowers in the narrow strip formed between the building and the road can enrich the facade of the building, beautify the surrounding environment, and adjust the indoor sight. Wall base planted perennial flowers, can buffer the wall base, between the corner and the ground between the blunt title, monochrome surface of the base can be planted perennial flowers, so that the wall has the same effect as paper painting.

8, landscaping grassland road trim

White grass, sorghum grass and other Sedum perennial flowers, the momentum of stone, mat-like Fu Lu test, purple grass and other perennial flowers, can be used to carry out garden road trim, there is the role of garden landscape, but also both Roadbed, to prevent soil erosion and so on.

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