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The Ecological Function Of Landscaping Turf
- May 27, 2017 -

Lawn function

1) Landscaping Turf the ecological functions: ① adjust the temperature and humidity, improve the microclimate ② reduce noise and visual pollution ③ clean air, maintain carbon and oxygen balance ④ keep soil and water, clean water ⑤ wind and sand to protect the environment.

2) Landscaping Turf aesthetics and sports functions: ① aesthetic function. The lawn green space is an important part of landscaping and plant landscaping, providing people with beautiful, safe and comfortable excursions, recreation and sports venues. ② sports function. Lawn is necessary for a variety of sports; lawn is the need for sports safety; lawn and sports are benign interaction, sports need lawn, and lawn industry and lawn technology has been a great promotion and lead the development of sports. Lawn is a well-managed lawn with good ground cover, texture uniformity and flexibility, so it can be used as a venue for golf, hockey, cricket, soccer, rugby, polo and other sports venues. Can be used for racing and other large land competition venues.

3) Social and economic functions of Landscaping Turf ① Creating economic benefits and providing employment opportunities ② For feed

First, Landscaping Turf grading norms

1. Premium lawn: green period of 360 days per year, lawn formation, stubble height control in 25mm below, only for viewing.

2. A lawn: green period of 340 days or more, lawn formation, stubble 40mm below, for viewing and family openness.

3. Second grade lawn: green period of 320 days or more, lawn flat or gentle slope, stubble 60mm below for public recreation and mild trample.

4. Three lawn: green period of more than 300 days, stubble 100 mm below, for public recreation, covering wasteland, slope maintenance.

5. Four lawns: green period is not limited, stubble height requirements lax, for barren hills, slope maintenance.

Second, Landscaping Turf conservation


To adhere to the formation of perfect, the lawn will often pruning, growth is too strong will lead to root necrosis.

Cut grass frequency

① special grass spring and summer growth season every 5 days cut, autumn and winter depending on the growth of one or two times a month.

② a grass season every 10 days cut, autumn and winter once a month cut.

③ secondary grass season every 20 days cut once, the autumn cut twice, the winter does not cut, before the spring cut again.

④ three grass cut once a quarter.

⑤ four grass each year in winter with a brush machine completely cut once.

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