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Standard For Three - Point Application Of Glue In Artificial Turf
- Nov 18, 2016 -

First, the water resistance, because the outdoor artificial lawn drainage is required, so the lawn glue must have a waterproof function, if the waterproof effect is not good, then the artificial turf in the later use of the process, There will be shaking or cracking phenomenon.

Second, the adhesion is high, the use of artificial turf in the process and the glue is inextricably linked, if the viscosity of the glue can not reach the words, the lawn around the site and the joints will appear curling phenomenon, this situation will not only Affect the appearance of artificial turf, but also seriously affect the life of its entire use.

Third, the temperature range should be wide, artificial turf in the northern region, the low temperature can reach minus 39 degrees, or even lower, so the artificial turf glue must have a certain cold, and in the South And other places, the use of artificial turf in the process, the large temperature can reach sixty degrees Celsius, so the high temperature performance of the glue should be high.

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