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Paradise Landscaping Turf Market Competitiveness Improvement
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Paradise Landscaping Turf is enabled in European countries, their heavenly Landscaping Turf material performance overall higher than China, China Paradise Landscaping Turf use the introduction of less than 10 years time, with the heavenly Landscaping Turf fiber constantly updated and manufacturing Machinery of the ever-changing, China's paradise Landscaping Turf development is still very fast.

At present, paradise Landscaping Turf has been school, organizational units, sports venues and other public places of all ages. At the same time, because the paradise Landscaping Turf blanket can not only slip, dust, easy to clean, and like the real grass, there is the feeling of green, and now began to become ordinary furniture decoration supplies, and get ordinary people love, therefore, paradise Landscaping Turf market prospects Is widely optimistic, which is the domestic paradise Landscaping Turf manufacturers continue to emerge, the rapid development of the industry where the reason. The domestic high-end Landscaping Turf market is mainly imported artificial grass; in the high-end market is mainly "raw materials imports, domestic production"; low-end Landscaping Turf market is dominated by domestic raw materials. From the current situation of China's economic development, the original import paradise Landscaping Turf due to the price is too high, the market affordability is limited, so this product customer groups will be smaller and smaller.

For the low-end market paradise Landscaping Turf, the market due to the quality of the product requirements are getting higher and higher, its quality gradually can not meet the demand. And located in the high-end market paradise Landscaping Turf can be comparable with the quality of imported products, far higher than the low-end grass; in the price is far lower than the import paradise Landscaping Turf, generally accepted by the public, is the so-called "International quality, domestic price", it is to adapt to the development of the law needs, so have a huge space for development. And the current market development has gradually tended to this level.

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