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Landscaping Turf Sprinkler Irrigation Technology
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Irrigation is an important measure to make up for the shortage of natural precipitation and the unevenness in time and space, and to ensure the proper amount of water to meet the growth of Landscaping Turf. Past Landscaping Turf greening works, many do not have a complete irrigation system, irrigation can only use flood irrigation or artificial sprinkler. Not only cause water waste, and often because it can not be timely irrigation, excessive irrigation or irrigation, it is difficult to control irrigation uniformity, the normal growth of the lawn adversely affected. With the continuous development of urban construction, urban population is concentrated, industrial and domestic water is increasing rapidly, tourism, leisure, sports and residential areas and other green areas are growing, urban water supply tension has become increasingly prominent. The traditional ground flood irrigation has been unable to meet the requirements of modern lawn irrigation, the use of efficient irrigation is imperative.

Modern garden Landscaping Turf irrigation methods are mainly sprinkler irrigation and micro-irrigation technology, if we want to make the whole area have the same amount of water, usually with sprinkler irrigation, such as Landscaping Turf irrigation. If we want a particular area to wet and make the surrounding dry, you can use micro-sprinkler or drip irrigation, such as shrub irrigation. Drip irrigation is sometimes used for lawn underground irrigation. Garden lawn spray micro-irrigation technology for its water-saving, energy saving, labor and irrigation quality and other advantages, more and more people have been recognized.

First, the characteristics of Landscaping Turf sprinkler garden lawn is to improve the environment, increase beauty, cultivate temperament and other purposes and planted, and therefore require them to grow all year round are green, only need not grow every year. In addition, the lawn to reduce the rate of soil seepage, requiring a small amount of irrigation irrigation, and in order to save labor and capital, improve the quality of sprinkler requirements, garden lawn irrigation mostly use automatic control fixed sprinkler system.

Requirements of water quality and spray quality is more stringent, especially for high-level ornamental plants and golf course turf, require a higher uniform irrigation, if leakage or spray over, will cause damage.

Landscaping Turf sprinkler most of the night at night, one of the reasons is the Landscaping Turf during the day sprinkler irrigation, evaporation loss, the general night spray irrigation can consume less than 10% of the water during the day; the second reason is that some lawns are not allowed to spray during the day, such as golf courses Competition, park recreation area for recreational activities.

The sprinkler system can not affect the maintenance of the lawn. Lawns require regular pruning, plant protection, fertilization, etc. These operations are often done by machinery. Therefore, the need to select a special device.

Sprinkler system to meet the requirements of the Landscaping Turf at the same time, need to pay full attention to landscape and environmental effects. Well-designed sprinkler system, through the correct choice of nozzle and spray the layout of the spray, not only to meet the lawn water, but also in the irrigation can form a hydrodynamic landscape effect.

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