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Landscaping Turf Is An Indispensable Subject
- May 27, 2017 -

Green, is the color of life, with the acceleration of the modernization process, the city that green, but continue to shrink and then narrow. Fortunately, as people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, urban Landscaping Turf are beginning to flourish, and people are starting to pay attention to how to make up for the ever-fading green.

In urban greening, Landscaping Turf is an indispensable subject. In the residential area, the streets or the park, a piece of Landscaping Turf, gives a beautiful and clean visual landscape. However, most of the current urban landscape of China is the use of high water imports of grass species, a lot of precious water resources, resulting in "flowers and people to grab water to drink" situation. This high water consumption, low eco-efficiency of the prevalence of urban greening construction, will likely increase the urban water shortage and urban natural ecosystem degradation.

Landscaping Turf is a small helper to manage the environment?

Greening lawn in urban greening is an important role in its coverage function. Green grass lawn root system developed, distributed in the soil, its fixed soil, to prevent wind erosion, water erosion effect is very obvious. Lawn also plays a good role in beautifying, protecting and improving people's living environment. It can purify the air, absorb dust, sterilize and prevent disease, and has a strong ornamental and entertaining. Landscaping Turf can slow down solar radiation, protect people's eyesight, and can prevent noise, purify water, keep soil and water, adjust the environment microclimate. In addition, all kinds of sports ground lawn is also an indispensable place for human life.

Because of these advantages, Landscaping Turf industry in the world in full swing to develop. As in the United States, the lawn has been listed as one of the top ten industries with the aerospace industry, the automobile industry and so on. In China, "lawn wind" once once from south to north prevalence of the country, regardless of the size of the city to build a lawn square, and even the situation of cutting trees and grass.

However, according to the statistics of the Chinese Society of Grass Science, China's up to 95% of the turfgrass from the United States, Europe and other places in recent years, imports in more than 10,000 tons per year. These imported lawns are "two high" ornamental plants - high early planting costs, high post-maintenance costs. In addition, if the urban greening too much emphasis on a single factor, it may go astray. A reasonable, consistent with the laws of nature green mode, should be a kind of Joe, irrigation, grass combination of the model. Artificial greening environment is an ecosystem, the more complex the composition of the ecosystem, the more stable its structure.

Import lawn VS local lawn

Speaking of landscape greening, we first think of is beautiful and environmentally friendly, but China's current urban landscape green most of the high water consumption of imported lawn has exacerbated water stress. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, for example, the annual per square meter lawn at least 2.27 tons of fresh water irrigation, that is, a 100,000 square meters of lawn green area, spent 227,000 tons of water per year. Chinese grass society honorary president, Inner Mongolia Institute of grass industry, chief expert Yun Jinfeng that in the arid zone of the city to engage in green and flourishing landscape construction, should be in line with the principle of water conservation, drought should pay special attention to local resources, choose drought plant.

"Day green, wild vast, low wind and grass see the cattle and sheep," the Inner Mongolia prairie, four distinct seasons, wild flowers everywhere, everywhere "wild fire is not the spring, spring and wind" weeds. These humble weeds are called "Mongolian grass", it is the result of natural selection, the gift of nature.

Mongolian grass is actually a plant group, is from the Inner Mongolia grassland, desert wild wild plants in the breeding, for arid, semi-arid areas of ecological environment construction of perennials, relative to the "moving at every turn" of imported grass Said, water saving, drought, good support is the advantages of Mongolian grass. All use of Mongolian grass green area, than the use of imported lawns can save 90% per year. Ordinary lawn per year per square meter of water consumption of more than 2 tons, for example, a 110 million square meters of green area of the district a year to use 247,500 tons of water, all the use of grass green, the annual water consumption per square meter is only 0.27 Ton, direct savings of nearly a million dollars. Wild lily, Mongolian Di, goose velvet pottery ... ... these drought in the rain less water, no watering in the case of normal growth, full of vitality.

Not only that, the import Landscaping Turf life cycle is generally 3 to 5 years, there will be a large area of the late degradation of the phenomenon, and Mongolian grass is a perennial herb, a plant for many years to benefit, the survival time of up to 10 years; , Pruning pruning, management costs are relatively high, Mongolian grass after planting basically no pruning, conservation costs are only 1/10 to 1/8 of the lawn.

General common grass roots are very shallow, about 5 cm, and part of the root of the grass to reach more than 1 meter. Studies have shown that plant roots are more developed and the ability to absorb carbon dioxide is also stronger. These innate developed roots, making the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the grass up to 27 times the general lawn.

From the low input, low energy consumption, low emission point of view, Mongolian grass can achieve "low carbon green", more and more landscape projects began to favor these water-saving, drought, carbon sinks strong plants: Inner Mongolia Museum landscape green , Yili new industrial park ... ... a beautiful green project has become a new bright spot in the city.

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