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Landscaping Grass How To Choose Grass Kind Of It
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Landscaping Grass design, the choice of grass depends on the strong resistance of grass species. Comprehensive resistance refers to the ability of grass to adapt to the environment, including grass drought, cold, heat, moisture, zinc, acid and other resistance. Should be based on the use of different functions of the lawn, turf construction environment requirements, the lawn of the construction costs and the late lawn of the mastery of conservation technology, management and maintenance costs in four aspects to consider the selection of turfgrass species.

According to the ecological environment

1. Temperature conditions: According to the climate factors in the region, choose to adapt to the region with cold, heat tolerance of grass species.

2. Light conditions: According to the lawn to establish site light conditions to choose positive or shade of grass species.

3. Environmental Humidity Conditions: Depending on the annual rainfall in the region, whether the site is wet, whether the drainage is difficult and the conditions for the maintenance of water supply, choose drought or water resistant grass species.

4. Soil conditions: According to the local chemical properties of soil, choose acid-tolerant soil grass species, salt-tolerant grass or soil adaptability of the grass; is hi grass or resistant to soil barren grass species.

According to the requirements of the garden greening function

Landscaping Grass: the north election green long, green color of the cold season grass; South election grass leaves delicate, flat surface neat grass.

Sports ground lawn: choose resistance to trampling, restoring strong grass species.

Environmental protection lawn: wind and sand, soil erosion; should be selected on the local environment adaptability, extensive management, root system developed, the ground stolons and underground rhizome developed, scalability and coverage of the lawn, choose less pests and diseases.

Meet the maintenance management conditions and standards

Adequate maintenance conditions, into a high place, you can choose high grade ornamental lawn. Lack of conservation conditions, water, fertilizer, pruning, disease prevention and other management can not keep up, conservation of inputs to the place can choose extensive management of the lawn.

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