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Landscaping Grass Conservation Standards And Management Methods
- Jun 21, 2017 -

In fact, in order to detail the words, Landscaping Grass conservation is more complex, Xiaobian find some information on this area, the following we come together to find out about it

Landscaping Grass environment of the ring, will affect the image of a business. If your company's green conservation to the professional Landscaping Grass conservation company. Not only can we remove the wages, bonuses and benefits to be paid for full-time green farming; the cumbersome management of the purchase of expensive green conservation equipment, the construction of the shade, and the consumption of pesticides and fertilizers can save a lot of cost Get the best green effect.

1, wood, shrubs, ground cover plant growth in good condition, pruning beautiful shape, keep leaf color green show, no obvious dead branches, no pests and diseases.

2, Ping height of not more than 10cm, keep the lawn grow well, grass green, no pests and diseases, no climbing parasitic plants.

3, flower beds, flowers with a clear outline, clean and beautiful, no incomplete.

4, landscaping grass pests and diseases control more timely, regular green pests and diseases prevention and control, to eliminate the spread of large areas of pests. Pests should be controlled in: ①, leaves more severe yellow leaves, coke leaves, leaves, insects and insects net insects net number of trees in the following 2%, was the most biting bite leaves per plant below 10%; ②, The number of insect pests is less than 2% (including 2%); the most serious of the scale insects is 100 square centimeters below the live insects, and the number of trees is below 4 in each section. %the following.

5, landscaping grass pesticides used in line with low toxicity, high efficiency, no residue of environmental standards.

6, regular green trees on the trees, shrubs, ground and lawn fertilization. Keep the plant growing well.

7, reasonable water to ensure that plants from drought, waterlogging.

8, landscaping grass green complete, no obvious debris, no white pollution (tree hanging), green production of garbage (such as branches, leaves, grass, etc.) to Nissan Nissin, can do cleaning in a timely manner.

Landscaping trees conservation

1, cultivated weeding

The purpose of cultivating and weeding is to loosen the soil, to breathe, to adjust the soil temperature, to promote the decomposition of soil nutrients, to facilitate the growth of tree roots, and to remove the competition with the trees competing water, weeds.

(1) the depth and scope of cultivation should be based on the tree, the general depth of about 5 cm, the range of 50 ~ 10 cm diameter area.

(2) tillage time, should be in the sunny weather, soil water moderate (50 ~ 60%) when not in the soil muddy state tillage, so as not to damage the soil structure; Lianyin two days weeding, can only use the removal method.

(3) weed in addition to the timely treatment, transported or buried in the soil as a base fertilizer. Dig out the rubble, stone, pick up the scene.

(4) landscaping grass can not damage the roots of trees, bark and branches.

(5) tree under the turf, the ground was height control in the 5 ~ 15 cm below, pruning to be neat.

2, drought and irrigation

Tree growth requires enough water, otherwise it can not sustain life.

(1) new plant 1 to 2 years of trees, to do a good job of soil, if necessary, soil moisture preservation.

(2) Landscaping Grass irrigation before, should be the first soil, do soil around. Summer irrigation should be carried out early and late; the winter is carried out before and after noon, each pouring enough.

(3) Landscaping Grass irrigation can be combined with fertilization, in order to improve drought resistance.

(4) new planting 1 to 2 years of valuable trees, cortex thin and smooth trees, dry season to dry. If necessary, should also be on the trunk, canopy spray, spray times depending on the weather, and can cover the shade.

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