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June Landscaping Turf Conservation Points
- Oct 30, 2017 -

The temperature was high in June and the weather was hot. It is an important period of Landscaping Turf conservation, garden conservation work and standards which are the main?

Main Landscaping Turf conservation work and standards:


Trees, shrubs, flowers, lawns, hedges and a variety of color into the growth period, a variety of plant water demand is large, should be timely watering to meet the growth requirements of nursery stock, and timely soil moisture. Especially the new transplanted seedlings, if necessary, hanging hanging bag liquid to add water and nutrients.


According to the growth and development of plants, combined with water for the uniform growth, to strengthen the overall viewing effect, follow the "weak and more strong", so that targeted local fertilizer, fertilizer to be small.


The rainy season will come, the crown can be large, dense leaves. Shallow roots of seedlings (acacia, Fatong, etc.) appropriate sparse, and high-voltage wires and street lamps, buildings, there should be a clipping of the branches should be cut, and timely removal of the root tiller and tiller. Cut off because of the wind and rain and so broken leaves and leaves, to maintain tree equilibrium tree potential. Cut off the residual flowers, reduce nutritional losses. Hedges and color blocks to be cut off the individual long branches for local dressing to ensure that the outline of the obvious, structured. Improve the viewing effect. Lawn pruning, basically 10-15 days once, the height maintained at 5-9 cm or so. Pruning attention should not have obvious traces of leakage, cut the grass in time to clear the transport, not piled up in the lawn.

4. Weeding

Timely removal of lawns and a variety of trees under the weeds, hedges and pigmentation generated within the miscellaneous plants, climbing vine, etc. should be promptly removed even to prevent grass shortage.

5. Prepare drainage

Rainy season will be temporary, for the low-lying green water area, should be pre-dug a good ditch, in order to anxious.

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