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How To Choose The Density And Height Of Kindergarten Lawn
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Artificial turf in density, quality and height does not exist between the larger, but it can determine the grade and price of artificial turf, artificial turf, the higher the quality, then the price will be higher, the corresponding need to use the material will The more, its comfort and aesthetics will be better, but the shorter the grass, while the aesthetics and comfort will fall, but not to say that the higher the height of the grass will certainly be better, because In the artificial lawn, straight grass is mainly based on the short grass to the grass to the silk wire upright and resilient support, so if the straight grass is too high in the silk, then the grass is often more often appear lodging The phenomenon, but because of the uneven stampede, lodging in the grass after the lodging, the formation of ups and downs of the different phenomena, leading to the whole appearance are seriously affected.

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