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Garden Grass Conservation Of The Six Major Skills
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Spring Garden Grass Conservation:

In the garden, in addition to the plant configuration, the Garden Grass cultivation is also very critical, green lawn can give people a visual beauty, but also to bring the activities of the endless fun.

However, the garden Garden Grass after a winter, it seems that have been dry and messy; if not dealt with, this will seriously affect the healthy growth of the lawn.

In fact, the spring is the best period of Garden Grass conservation, in order to make the Garden Grass can grow better, the summer can have a green to enjoy, we must do a good job in the spring lawn conservation work, the following is the Garden Grass five maintenance management method:

1, early spring comb grass

After a winter dormancy, the Garden Grass soil will be covered with the cover of the hay, which will hinder the lawn water, fertilizer and sunshine into the normal growth of the lawn, so the spring need to comb the grass.

You can choose combing grass or sledge to comb grass, remove the hay on the turf, improve turf permeability, promote lawn growth.

2, cut grass:

Garden Grass height is too high to cut in time, pruning height is generally one-third of the lawn, can effectively prevent pests and weeds, while the turf can store enough energy through the summer.

3, the grass:

After the winter there will be Garden Grass alopecia areata, sickness phenomenon, this time the need for timely sowing turf. Raised grass to be as early as possible, early sowing turf robust, and strong resistance. After sowing immediately to prevent withering, to return to normal growth.

4, fertilization:

After a winter consumption, spring Garden Grass after germination to timely fertilization, fertilizer to nitrogen-based, in strict accordance with the use of instructions to prevent excessive fertilizer.

5, pest control:

Spring temperatures rise, surface humidity increases, prone to pests and diseases; such as fusarium wilt, leaf spot, root rot and so on. You can use carbendazim, Bordeaux mixture, Ami Shuang 500 solution, Pleurotus 600 solution and other agents to prevent the spread of pests and diseases. 10 days with a drug, mixed medication and alternating medication can effectively reduce the occurrence of drug resistance.

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