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Effect Of Adding Rubber Granules To Artificial Turf
- Nov 18, 2016 -

First, because the turf is mainly used in the manufacture of polymer wire drawing, and therefore need to use quartz sand, or rubber particles to suppress the grass, and turf stability, under normal circumstances, the lower will choose to use quartz sand , While the upper selection of rubber particles.

Second, since the artificial turf is not any soil, when there is a collision or fall, then the body will be relatively large in the force, but also very prone to injury, if you add the right amount of rubber with high elasticity Particles, can effectively simulate the feeling of the soil to prevent the body and the site appears to crash when the injury situation.

Third, after the polymer is drawing artificial turf, the surface will be much smoother than the real turf, especially in the rain, this time to add the right amount of rubber particles, it can provide greater friction, and artificial turf in the The use of performance on the effective promotion.

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