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Correctly Understanding The Misunderstanding Of Paradise Landscaping Turf
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Because of the long green period and the rapid development of the paradise Landscaping Turf cultivation, conservation has been a misunderstanding, such as planting after a blindly big fat, a waste of manpower, capital, resources, and two to make the garden Landscaping Turf grass Fast formation of grass mats, resulting in poor growth. Paradise Landscaping Turf in addition to weed more artificial weeding, temporary solution.

Any kind of plant has a peak in its growth throughout the year. Paradise Landscaping Turf growth peak in March to early June, September to December (South), and in mid-June to the end of August is the paradise Landscaping Turf slow growth period, this time is very sensitive to pests and diseases. And this period is the vigorous growth of weeds, can quickly invade heaven Landscaping Turf. Artificial weed can not solve the fundamental problem, but also bring some side effects. Visitors will be cigarette butts, melon seeds and seeds into the paradise Landscaping Turf, so that tobacco, fruit skin in a variety of bacteria infected paradise Landscaping Turf, but also easily lead to the spread of paradise Landscaping Turf pests and diseases. Paradise Landscaping Turf pest control need long-term adherence.

Paradise Landscaping Turf fertilization to a small amount of diligence, heaven garden turf grass height to be controlled at 4 cm to 5 cm or so, to reduce the formation of the grass lawn grass bedding. Watering also control the watering, not the more the better. Weed with chemical herbicides. Paradise Landscaping Turf need scientific cultivation, scientific watering, scientific fertilization, science in addition to weeds, scientific control of pests and diseases, scientific pruning, correct "everyone can plant Landscaping Turf, garden Landscaping Turf" wrong concept, in order to control the paradise Landscaping Turf , To prevent paradise Landscaping Turf degradation.

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