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Commonly Used Safe And Efficient Landscaping Turf Herbicide
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Landscaping Turf is an important means of beautifying the city. It not only make the city covered with green clothes, and its magnificent colors accompanied by fragrant flowers, embellishment in the tree-lined, lush green, more play the finishing touch, icing on the cake for the majority of the people work, Learning, life to create beautiful, fresh and comfortable environment. But the weeds in the garden Landscaping Turf will affect the effect of the Landscaping Turf, then how can we effectively remove the weeds in the Landscaping Turf?

The principle of the role of Landscaping Turf herbicide is generally through the interference, disrupting the hormonal balance in the plant, blocking a chain of photosynthesis, inhibit its respiration and so on so that weeds physiological disorders, and gradually died.

According to the use of Landscaping Turf herbicides can be divided into the following three categories:

(1) Stem and leaf treatment agent (also known as bud after herbicide): the herbicide solution watered with fine droplets evenly sprayed on the plant, the spraying method used herbicide called stem and leaf treatment agent, such as Tu irrigation, wide closure, Sailong, rattan net, so that it Long, eliminate Wo, eliminate miscellaneous, Jin Baixiu, and so on. (2) soil treatment agent (also known as pre-emergence herbicide): the herbicide evenly sprayed on the soil in a certain thickness of the drug layer, when the weed seeds of the buds, seedlings and their roots are exposed to contact Herbicide, the role of herbicide, called soil treatment agent, such as sowing music, ring grass Long, etc., can be spray method, pouring method, poisonous soil application.

(3) stems and leaves, soil treatment agent: can be used for stem and leaf treatment, but also for soil treatment, such as Jin Baixiu and so on.

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