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Artificial Turf In The Use Of Glue On The Optional Standard
- Nov 18, 2016 -

First, the first waterproof: Because most of the artificial turf is used directly in the outdoors, so often encounter extreme weather such as rain and snow, then the glue must be artificial turf with waterproof performance;

Second, cold and high temperature: due to the north in the winter when the low temperature can reach thirty or forty degrees, and in the southern summer high temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius, if the surface temperature, it is estimated is far more than So high

Third, the viscosity is better, and to maintain a relatively long time: the viscosity of the glue, the core technical indicators, because the use of artificial turf in the life of 6-10 years, then the use of glue in the corresponding validity period must be exceeded This time period.

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