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Annual Meeting Of The Enterprise
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Full of 2018 harvest and joy

With a 2019 look and hope

We are welcoming a new year

Welcome to the end of the year, opened on this day 2019

The curtain of the annual meeting of the enterprise!



2019       HAPPY  NEW  YEAR

In 2018, we will go through both rain and storm.

We walk hand in hand in 2019

happy New Year

      In a twinkling of an eye, the busy 2018 has passed, and we are looking forward to coming to us in 2019. In the new year, nurturing new goals and hopes, the Group held the company's annual meeting in 2019. The company's leaders, partners, and all employees gathered to exchange the outstanding achievements of the company in the past year. The company's future development direction has been planned.

The pace of time never stops

Our passion never fades

Thank you for meeting in time.

Thank you for knowing the years.

Let us below

Focus on this annual meeting again!

General Manager Jiang, General Manager Yang and Wang  respectively delivered speeches, hoping that all employees of SYSTURF will be united and united in the new year. In 2019, they will be able to bloom and continue to be strong!

Group sales in 2018!

Breaking through 3.5 million square meters!


The company grows day by day, cannot leave the leadership the guiding principle, also cannot leave all staff's diligent work and the active work, because had everybody's support, only then had our today's achievement, lets us happily gather together to share the honor the joy!


Their success is not due to temporary efforts.

It's always the same attitude.

It is also the constant pursuit of excellence.

Is the forge ahead courageously.

Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you for your long-term loyalty and dedication to mei chuang.

Thank you for your diligence and diligence in your work.

Thank you for being true to each other and inspiring each other as a team.

Thank you for your strong sense of responsibility and pioneering spirit.

Thank you for your indomitable tenacity!

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