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Analysis On Construction Technology Of Artificial Turf Production
- Nov 18, 2016 -

First, the adhesive bonding:

Request brush with the brush at the bottom of the lawn, brushing the thickness of uniform, not repeated gluing, or the formation of blistering, or even down, strictly control the thickness of glue, pay attention to the appropriate speed coating, respectively, was applied to the two adhesive bonding surface on.

According to the conditions of the temperature, humidity and other conditions of reasonable control hanging time, usually 10-15 minutes is appropriate to glue, mortar to reach eighty-nine into dry hand to touch non-stick appropriate. One-time alignment is required for gluing. It is not possible to move the bonded object back and forth after bonding.

Second, pressure curing:

After bonding to eliminate its appearance debris, with a dedicated rubber hammer from the bonding force to both sides of the hammer is hard to make it more abundant appearance of solid adhesion more solid. The curing time is usually three days, view the final strength is usually ten days. Therefore, in the curing period to pay close attention to its protection, to prevent too much sun exposure, water invasion and movement to achieve the best bonding state.

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