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A Summary Of Landscape Design Methods Of Landscaping Grass
- Jun 21, 2017 -

A city building, in addition to the pursuit of economic construction, modern architecture, in fact, we also need is to give people a fresh air to bring the garden. So in many universities now, the garden design has become a very important professional, in the city planning, urban planners and often fancy garden green grass design. So, how can we design the vast majority of people are satisfied with the landscaping grass landscape, Xiao Bian to talk about your small way.

Landscaping grass landscape design need to consider what

Landscape design is a comprehensive design of a number of projects coordinated, in terms of its complexity, need to consider the transportation, hydropower, gardens, municipal, construction and other technical fields. All kinds of laws and regulations must understand the master, in the specific design, the use of a variety of landscape design elements, arrange the use of each plot in the project, designed to meet the nature of land use to meet customer needs, more applicable program The Landscaping grass landscape design in general to the building as hardware, green for the software to water for the network to the small pieces of the node, using a variety of professional and technical means to support the implementation of the design.

How to design a landscape design

The concept is the most important part of landscape design, it can be said that the original stage of landscaping grass landscape design. From the development of disciplines and practice at home and abroad, the meaning of landscape design is very different. We hereby believe that landscape design is about how to rationally arrange and use land to address the safety and health of all life on land, human beings, cities and land, and sustainable development. It covers many areas such as regional, new towns, neighborhood and community planning and design, parks and recreational planning, transportation planning, campus planning and design, landscape modification and rehabilitation, heritage conservation, garden design, convalescence and other special uses. At the same time, from the current domestic practice of many points of view, landscaping grass landscape design focuses on the specific project itself, the design of the environment, that is, narrow landscape design. Two kinds of shops do not conflict with each other. The idea of the use of the first consideration of its function, fully for the land users to create, plan a satisfactory space, while not destroying the local ecological environment, to minimize the project on the surrounding ecological environment interference.

There are several design methods for landscaping

Strange concept: the use of this method to form the program is generally original. These ideas rarely occur in history, or never happened, and even some ideas in the current scientific, technical and economic conditions can not be achieved. For example: we can imagine a lamp, as long as people sitting next to the lights, relying on the body's heat can make the lamp light, and make people see things, so that both save energy, but also lighting. (But actually hard to achieve)

On the King and the King: King is also commonly used landscape design techniques, through the combination of architectural space, or the construction of their own design techniques, to borrow the distant scenery. Such as Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden, you can see from a number of angles a few hundred meters away from the North Temple. This way to borrow the scene can enrich the landscape level of the landscape, giving a beautiful view, physical and mental relaxation of the feeling.

Of course, in the design of this level, not Xiaobian three words can be justified. A lot of design principles or rules, in fact, small art teacher has been stressed, but on the design always need a personal taste and conservation of the upgrade. So if you want to be a good garden designer, first of all in addition to the usual to travel more attention to the characteristics of other gardens, but also more than want to draw, in the design, but also according to the fundamental situation of the city to decide.

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