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Key Points Of Landscaping Grass Construction
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Landscaping Grass works mainly include: garden stone and stone side of the balance, garden construction, garden decoration construction, wood, steel, small landscape architecture, the size of trees planted, shrub planting, flower planting, and green conservation works.

(A) fixed-point line. According to the plan of the greening plan.

(B) digging. Determine the width and depth of the pits according to the specifications of the nursery stock in the Landscaping Grass project. (1) DBH 7 ~ 10 cm trees and height of 2 to 2.5 meters of shrubs and a height of 2.5 to 3 meters of evergreen trees (including crown diameter of 120 cm or more of boxwood balls, etc.), the tree pit diameter should be 100 cm, Depth should reach 70 cm. Lower than the above standard seedlings, may be appropriate to reduce the pit diameter and depth; higher than the above standard seedlings, should be appropriate to increase the pit diameter and depth. (2) 3 to 4 years of hedge material, should be dug wide, deep 30 cm of the bar or ring groove, seedlings should be shallow, large seedlings should be deep.

(C) for soil. In the construction of garbage lots or rocky hillside trees, digging brick and stone blocks, should be elsewhere from the soil to fill the pit.

(Four) mining seedlings. When digging seedlings to try to protect the root, with more fibrous roots, deciduous tree diameter galaxy, 5 cm above the root of not less than 20 cm; evergreen tree to bring the soil ball wrapped around the rope, so that the root of the soil ball loose , The diameter of the ball is not less than the crown diameter of 1/4 to 1/3, depending on the tree, due to small cylindrical shape, conical should be large.

(5) Yun Miao. Deciduous Joe, shrubs after the seedlings should be cut part of the branches in order to transport; evergreen trees to protect the foliage to keep the tree beautiful. For the day of shipment, the day planting.

(6) planting. Landscaping Grass works in the tree before the split, broken the roots of the pruning, requiring smooth and smooth cut to facilitate healing. The place where the bacteria to be soil or root disinfection, difficult to root the valuable species can be soaked root powder solution. Shiji fertilizer, pick out the masonry tile and other debris, according to the planting site planting trees, fill half of the soil with practical foot and then fill. The ranks of tree planting requirements neatly; plexiform planting or arc planting, symmetrical planting to meet the design requirements.

(7) irrigation. [1] Immediately after the plant repair tree or stay a good tree pool, irrigation the same day, filling irrigation. After a week, depending on the wet and dry soil conditions once again to ensure that the survival rate of 95% or more.

(Eight) column. After transplanting the trees, in order to prevent the tilt of the tree after irrigation, in time with three pillars to hold, on the evergreen tree and wind large area planting is particularly important.

(9) pruning. Landscaping Grass works in the flowering shrubs should be sparse dry branches, short stubs broken, bumps, appropriate retraction of perennial branches to promote the new branches germination. Hedgerow after planting, to pull the line pruning, so neat, beautiful. Pruning after the timely clean up the scene.

(10) inspection and acceptance. Landscaping Grass works before the end of the construction by the technical staff inspection and acceptance, to meet the quality requirements, the delivery of green units management.

Landscaping Grass of course, ultimately, the support of Landscaping Grass seedlings. In the Landscaping Grass, green seedlings is one of the first to prepare the material, including the project cost, engineering design, are related to nursery stock. The main garden seedlings are: street trees, flower bush, pine and cypress, herbs lawn, bamboo, aquatic plants, bonsai potted plants, flowers, trees and trees, modeling trees, wooden pavilions, wooden landscape bridge, high-wool and so on. Origin of Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu Changjing garden, Henan, Shandong.

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