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Landscaping Grass Are Used In The Following Areas
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Landscaping Grass are usually set in front of houses, large buildings around the square or forest space for viewing, recreation or as a sports venue. Western ancient gardens have regular grassland. The mid-18th century, the British natural landscape garden appeared, the garden began to use a large area of natural garden green grass. Ancient Chinese garden, with a large number of sparse grassland, modern garden have lawn.

Landscaping Grass have the following classification methods:

According to the combination of plant material can be divided into: 1, pure lawn. With a plant material of the garden green grass. 2, mixed lawn. A lawn consisting of a variety of plant materials. 3, decorated flowers lawn. To perennial small grass or grass to grass, mixed with a small amount of herbal flowers lawn.

According to the use of Landscaping Grass can be divided into: 1, recreation garden green lawn. Can be open for people to rest, walking, games and other outdoor activities. General use leaf fine, toughness, more resistant to stampede grass species. 2, watch the garden green grass. Not open, can not enter the recreation. Generally choose the color green uniform, green longer, able to heat, but also cold grass species. 3, playground lawn. According to the requirements of different sports selection of different grass species, and some to choose grass grass soft grass, and some to choose grass grass tough grass, and some to use the underground stems developed grass. 4, traffic safety lawn. Mainly located in the land along the traffic, especially on both sides of the highway, as well as the airport on the apron. 5, soil protection slope of the lawn. To prevent soil erosion, to prevent dust flying. The main selection of rapid growth, root developed or have a creeping grass species.


Landscaping Grass is mainly used in the following aspects:

Environmental protection aspects. In the garden green land in the lawn and trees are playing a clean air, heatstroke cooling, adsorption of dust, weaken the role of noise, to protect the environment and maintain ecological balance. Lawn grass individual small, the number of small, occupy a small space, rapid growth, adaptability, easy to survive, green effect fast. Grass cling to the ground growth, its prevention of dust and soil erosion function is significant. Lawn in the green space to form a ventilation channel, can improve the living environment of the tropics.

Landscaping grass art. Lawn space with the waters of space, square space, etc., can open up a broad line of sight, guide the line of sight, increase the depth of field and level, and can fully express terrain beauty.

Urban construction. Lawn is often used in modern cities where low green space is required, such as roads along the line, strong power lines below the underground facilities above the soil thinner places.

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