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Is Landscaping Turf Really Environmentally Friendly?
- Jun 09, 2017 -

It is the dream of many people, but the maintenance costs behind it can not be ignored: According to the study of the University of California, the study of a 20-square-meter turf, about 80,000 liters of water a year Quite a person's annual life of water), coupled with the use of weeders and waste carbon emissions - this green is not environmentally friendly. Moreover, the use of pesticides and insecticides eventually through the soil flow to the ocean, pollution of marine ecology, and then into the human body, it seems minimal action, I am afraid that will affect generations

Landscaping Turf is artificial turf through the international certification body SGS environmental certification of products, safe non-toxic, but also has a certain flame retardant, not fade, maintenance-free, do not move mosquitoes, will not lead to skin allergies, not only save the annual turf High maintenance costs and water costs, the use of materials can be recycled. Each after a complete installation

Landscaping Turf use life of more than 12 years, also enjoy 5 years of original warranty. So you do not have to spend the mind in the maintenance of the turf, but also can save considerable maintenance costs. Is the green building to promote one of the building materials. On the artificial turf artificial Landscaping Turf is the original for the natural lawn by climate conditions, management and protection conditions and other factors greater impact of the invention design. Compared with the natural lawn, artificial grass has a natural irreplaceable advantages.

Since 1964, the first piece of man-made Landscaping Turf, which was able to withstand stress and trample, easy to manage, and weather-free, was loved by the people after the birth of the United States. Through the tireless efforts of scientists, today's Artificial turf has entered the epoch-making fifth generation of products, it is not only used in recreational sports venues, and widely used in gardens, gardens, playgrounds, roofs, balconies and other design, construction program, has been more and more widely Recognition and promotion. In the natural Landscaping Turf requirements of high climatic conditions, management and protection conditions can not have the case, sports venues, entertainment, exhibition pavement, garden, garden green, etc., the use of artificial turf construction of a green space, will be the best choice The In fact, this is in the economically developed countries and the Middle East lack of water resources in countries and regions has been very popular.

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