D Shaped Thinner Fiber Landscaping Artificial Grass,Durable Cheap Classical

D Shaped Thinner Fiber Landscaping Artificial Grass,Landscape Turf

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1.Environmental-Friendly, Low maintenance, save water and labor cost,
2.All-weather playability unlimited playing time, evergreen in 4 seasons,
3.Grass yarns are like natural grass, with low friction, perfect rebound and straight power,
4.UV resisted, fireproof, water drain, long using life about 5-8 years.



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 1. How long does fake grass last?

Artificial turf will give you up to 10 years of maintenance-free life depending on the volume of traffic in the area. Fake grass won’t fade or flatten. It is UV stability and will retain its color and integrity season after season.


2. Is synthetic turf safe for children and pets?

Yes! Our products are LEAD FREE and are safe for adults, children and pets. Our artificial grass products far exceed what is required by Government regulations for heavy metals. Want to get any Test please contact us.


3. How to lay artificial grass and what tools should I prepare?

Different goods its install ways is different, please contact us for more information.


4. How long does it take to lay?

50 square meter garden can be laid in a single day.


5. Can I get a quantity discount?

Absolutely! We have several price structures to help our distributors establish themselves competitively in the synthetic turf market.

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