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Three Categories of Artificial Turf in Soccer
- Nov 18, 2016 -

In the United States, most of the artificial turf used in the artificial turf of soccer field information is high-level nylon data (PA), but also the use of multi-fiber, but not sand football pit artificial lawn can be divided into seepage and seepage are two. This turf looks like a natural lawn, some with a cushioning layer of shock-absorbing foam, a variety of shock-absorbing layer density and thickness. Because in the country to truly grasp the football field artificial turf laying skills of small manufacturers, and mostly for foreign skills, therefore, in the laying of artificial sandy grass football field, especially the laying of shock-absorbing foam cushion layer is necessary to foreign experts end. Shock-absorbing foam underneath to spread a layer of lubricating asphalt as a foundation, asphalt below but also covered with gravel, sand and pebbles as a foundation, and the construction of the drainage system is the most critical link. In addition, this type of soccer field artificial turf in the installation process must be used artificial grass machinery, especially in some professional or expensive sports venues paving device is particularly important, or will not be able to reach the place flat and uniform Of the request.

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