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Renovation of artificial turf roof garden
- Nov 18, 2016 -

1, functional partition is very important. As a field day space, according to the needs of their own to be able to arrange a field living room, dining room or kitchen, commonly used partitions have outdoor living area, dining area, recreation area.

2, large plants can produce private barriers. The deployment of several giant plants not only enrich the rooftop of the plant level, the body also with the surrounding huge building to take care of, so that the rooftop garden will not be built near the huge momentum of the squeeze.

A small small garak

1, whether the roof is still a garden, scaffolding are very useful design. On the one hand it can be divided into a relatively private and independent activity space, on the other hand can also provide growth for the climbing plant space. Steel roofs on the roof of the rattan frame, first of all to consider bearing points and waterproof. In general, the structural support on the wall than on the roof on the ground more strong, so do not touch open the waterproof layer of doubt.

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