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How to choose high-quality artificial turf
- Dec 31, 2018 -

How to choose high-quality artificial turf

The main parameters of artificial turf are grass height, stitching,needle pitch, cluster density, grass fibril, material, color, base fabric, back glue and so on.

Appearance: bright color, no color difference; grass silk are flat, tufting is uniform, consistency is good; the bottom lining is moderately sized and penetrates into the bottom lining, the whole is flat, the stitch length is uniform, and there is no jump stitch.

Grass silk performance: the net is clean and tidy; the incision is flat and there is no obvious shrinkage.

Feel: Fingers carding grass soft smooth, palms pressure grass rebound good, the lining is not easy to tear.

Smell: The lawn should have no pungent plastic smell.

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