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How to choose artificial turf?
- Nov 18, 2016 -

1: is not the use of qualified artificial turf fiber materials and additives

Artificial turf fibers are generally all selected new high-purity PP, PE as a material, all materials are one-time manufacturing of fiber, after use to ensure the physical and chemical stability of fibers, grass fiber sub-special number in 6600DTEX to 11000DTEX, synthetic fiber Anti-static, anti-lodging and other additives to make the artificial turf grass fiber to maintain a certain useful life, and to ensure that the artificial turf will not show aging, wear, fade and other phenomena.

Two: is not selected composite elastic structure

Excellent artificial turf selection is a composite elastic structure (non-woven + mesh), its thickness is about 1.5mm ~ 2mm, by weaving, trimmed latex coating, the use of high-temperature vulcanization technology, making the bottom more Robust and more robust, and then the more endowed with flexibility.

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