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Filling and Drainage Design of Artificial Turf
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Selection of filling information. Artificial turf is usually filled with sand or rubber particles, and sometimes the two mixed use, mixed use, the share of the two depending on the specific circumstances, the usual mix of 70% rubber particles + 30% sand. In the past, often use 100% of the sand as fill information, in order to increase the stability of the artificial turf base, but with the artificial lawn production skills increasingly sophisticated, its production has been relatively perfect, so in the past to fill the sand to secure Lawn practice has been gradually screened, and now use more filling method for 100% rubber particles. Filled sand or rubber particles are mostly medium-sized, and must be washed before filling. On some of the larger impact strength of sports such as football, football, etc., should be appropriate to increase the share of rubber particles, try to reduce the damage of athletes. For those sports facilities, such as tennis courts, where the impact strength is small or almost no impact is applied, the hardness of the site is uniform, and the request for cushioning property is not high. Therefore, the selection of the filling material is large.

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