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Artificial Turf - New Environmental Protection Road
- Nov 18, 2016 -

The quality of artificial turf adhesive determines its useful life. Request for the composite grid at the end of the first weaving after coating, drying artificial turf adhesive should be flexible, easy to break the crack.

The appearance of artificial turf can be an intuitive response to quality, to be able to touch the way through the eye to distinguish. Eye can be artificial grass is not uniform color, uniform shape, the bottom of the gum color evenly to determine its good or bad. Good artificial turf feel for the lubrication and flexibility, artificial turf silk uniform color and soft, open network symmetry, torn split evenly, artificial turf at the end of the back strong, giving flexibility, uniform gloss coating; with the quality Good quality compared to the inferior quality artificial turf silk material appearance color uneven, artificial turf silk is very thin and translucent, feel dry handle, open uneven and more flash, artificial turf at the bottom of the soft thin, There is no sense of support, the material is simple, simple process, the short increase in a lot of additives, its quality is difficult to guarantee, easy to weathering of the sports security guarantee low.

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