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Artificial turf in the hotel in a wide range of applications
- Nov 18, 2016 -

The main hotel and the club will face different customer groups. Hotel guests to travel, meeting mostly, perhaps as long as a few like to play or play golf, most of the guests do not stay for the purpose of playing, and golf course guests is to play the ball for the intention of the intention. Therefore, it is necessary to use the green grass golf course, and the hotel should be selected artificial grass green.

Second, the request for artificial turf shoes are not the same golf course artificial lawn extraordinarily delicate, general leather shoes or sports shoes easy to damage the green, so all golf courses have forced rules, guests need to wear a nail with golf shoes before Promised to end. The price per pair of shoes in the 600-1000 per month, non-golf people may not be prepared for professional golf shoes. The hotel's golf green is the hotel's recreational sports facilities, should be used for a lot of residents use, assuming that some of the non-golf people removed, the greens will become a game for only a few people. A good way to solve the opposition is to use artificial turf green, it does not request shoes, stability is particularly good, can use for 10 years or so, it can let each loving guests at any time putter, feel your hotel Golf atmosphere, the real performance of your holiday hotel out of the ordinary (according to our understanding of the current domestic non-golf course hotel full green greens)

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