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Applicable Scope of Artificial Turf
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Artificial turf all weather: from the climate, the use of power to improve the place;

Artificial turf Evergreen: natural grass into the dormant period, the artificial turf can still bring you the feeling of spring;

Artificial turf environmental protection: the data are in line with environmental requirements, artificial turf surface can be recycled;

Artificial turf simulation: Artificial lawn is produced using the principle of bionics, elastic outstanding, comfortable foot;

Artificial turf Durability: durable, easy to fade, especially for the use of high frequency places;

Artificial turf economy: usually can guarantee more than five years of life;

Artificial turf-free protection: basically no protection costs, just to avoid human damage can be;

Artificial turf construction simple: in the asphalt, cement, hard sand and other places on the basis of pavement.

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